Freelancer vs Employee - CTRL-D Conference

CTRL-D was wondering if the necessity of 10,000 hours to become an expert in your career, whether you're a freelancer or you're hired, is myth or truth. It is said that being a freelancer equals with freedom and being employed it’s all about routine. Is this a fact or urban legend? The reality is probably somewhere in between, so CTRL decided that this requires an analysis and what was the best solution for it, if not a dedicated conference: Career in the Ctrl-D - Employee vs. Freelancer.

Moore Stephens KSC expands operations in Timisoara and Alina Solomon as New Partner

For almost one year we have driven our practice with enthusiasm and passion and we have moved forward growing expertise in our people and creating value for our clients. Today, we pride ourselves on our innovation and we are pleased to welcome our new team in Timisoara providing exceptional professional solutions to international and local business operating in the west of Romania. The new office is led by Alina Solomon as Partner in charge of the Outsourcing Business Line across our group which will blend new experience in our service philosophy.

Andrei Stan: „Instabilitatea politică din Republica Moldova reprezintă un impediment pentru investitorii străini”

Are o experiență de peste zece ani în domeniile audit, contabilitate, consultanță și due-dilligence, și cunoaște foarte bine mediul de afaceri și legislația din Republica Moldova. Este vorba de Andrei Stan, partener al biroului Moore Stephens KSC din Moldova – unul dintre liderii globali în servicii de contabilitate și consultanță în afaceri. Într-un interviu pentru portalul, Andrei Stan vorbește despre rolul profesiei contabile, cât de mult depinde prosperitatea afacerii de profesionalismul unui contabil sau de consultanța oferită la momentul oportun. Andrei Stan este stabilit în Republica Moldova de mai bine de 5 ani și recunoaște: „țara asta m-a cucerit”.

Moore Stephens KSC continues to enhance the professional services by taking the lead of the Moore Stephens Europe Balkan Cluster

After our successful admission to the Moore Stephens International (MSIL) network at the end of 2015, our firm continues to enhance by taking the lead of the Moore Stephens Europe (MSEL) Balkan Cluster, with Mamas Koutsoyiannis – CEO of Moore Stephens KSC as Chairman and Andrei Stan – Audit Partner, Head of Operations of Moore Stephens KSC as Member of the Review Committee.

Moore Stephens KSC Launches Business Advisory Services

Moore Stephens KSC continues to enhance client experience as it has just announced the launch of the Business Advisory Practice which aims to bring sustainable results, operational efficiency, performance improvement and transparency to organisations across the region. The Solutions Portfolio includes: Strategy Creation, Performance Improvement, Technology, Finance Optimisation, Transformation and Change Management.

Transfer Pricing Report, Between Necessity and Utility

The preparation of the transfer pricing report should not be seen only as a legal requirement imposed on companies which if omitted or containing incomplete information generates fines from the tax inspection team. The file has also an impact on the company’s KPIs, investing and operational decisions, cash flow and tax on profit as it is a management tool often use by top professionals.
The transfer pricing report is an instrument of protection to argue that related party transactions have economic substance and were conducted at the market price.
The rationale and justification prices in commercial and financial transactions with related parties protects us against transfer pricing adjustments.
These transfer pricing adjustment are usually established after the so-called "background checks" performed by tax inspectors, which can be performed on a large number of years, generating besides income tax, additional interest and penalties.
Also we cannot ignore the usefulness of the exception report for managers that are most interested in knowing where to position the prices used in party transactions. Such information is found in the price comparability section which is a fundamental requirement of the preparation of the transfer pricing report.
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